I am
a developer of
 digital  experiences.

As ever-increasing computing power is packed into ever-shrinking devices, the opportunity to bring rich digital experiences in new and immersive ways is exciting! I've been especially interested in leveraging the emerging technologies of web and apps for the broad distribution and consumption of media.

At the same time, the need for personal, reality-based experiences are more vital than ever in our digital-centric world. To that end, I have joined Under the Fig Tree to develop and facilitate faith-based study tours to the Hold Lands of the Bible (Egypt, Jordan, & Israel).

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I've launched several projects starting in 2010 with LEAGr, a sports league management service, Cinevee, an enterprise-level digital distribution platform to monetize media, and VFPnext, a feature-rich sales cycle platform developed specifically for the health and fitness industry.

With these platforms and over a decade of experience, I've gained a unique skill set that spans front-end & back-end development, information systems architecture, strategic business forecasting, and team & project management. Would that be called a full stack entrepreneur?

Insights into me and samples of projects I've had the pleasure to work on follow below.

Shoot It

I've traveled the world to help capture and produce videos. I consider the Middle East my second home.

Build It

I love to build things. Take a look at the mini-mansion playhouse I built for my girls next time you're over.

Break It

I'm curious about how things work. Did you know we are surrounded by marvels of engineering and design?

Dig It

At 6, my dad showed me slides of his travels to the Holy Land and I've been captivated by Biblical archaeology.

Languages: PHP, CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, AngularJS, Java, Objective-C
Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Cinevee, WordPress, Drupal, Ionic, iOS, Android
Services: PayPal, Bluefin, Braintree, Stripe
Zencoder, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Avalara
AWS (Cloudfront, RDS, S3, EC2, Elasticache, Elastic Beanstalk, Route 53)

Some of my favorite projects.




Cinevee is a comprehensive solution that enables you to manage, sell, and deliver your content digitally. The service provides media hosting & delivery, e-commerce, and promotional tools in a secure and scalable environment.

  • Cinevee.com
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, AWS, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Avalara, Braintree, Stripe, PayPal, Bluefin
  • 2015

Can the Polls

If 10% of voters donated just one canned good on their way to the polls, we could restock America's food pantries with over 243 million cans.

That the World May Know

Built on the Cinevee platform, this multi volume video curriculum provides an in-depth study of the lands of the Bible.

  • ThatTheWorldMayKnow.com
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • Cinevee, CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, AWS, Mandrill, Mailchimp, Avalara, Bluefin, Video
  • 2015

Freedom Partners

Freedom Partners Shared Services seeks greater freedom and prosperity for our society by offering support services to their network organizations.

  • FPSharedServices.com
  • PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery
  • WordPress, Bootstrap, Custom Jobvite Plugin
  • 2016

Springs of the Living Word

Springs of the Living Word is a ministry founded by my father and I after spending a month filming a video series in Israel, Jordan, Greece, & Italy. We are passionate about recalling, meditating, and experiencing the Biblical footprints of the past through tours and devotions.

Best Semester

BestSemester proudly offers twelve off-campus and study abroad programs around the world through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU).

Training with Omar

The things Omar Von Muller's dogs can do is nothing short of amazing. Now owners can teach their dogs in the backyard or dog park.

Job Openings for WordPress

Jobvite is a great recruiting service. I’ve developed a WordPress plugin to help you connect your site to their service.


BUILT crafts manufacturing equipment with an innovative balance of strength and flexibility. BUILT was founded to produce better manufacturing equipment that suits companies’ specific workflows.


5 Love Languages

What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make your special someone feel loved? The secret is learning the right love language!

Resurrection iWitness

Explore the historical evidence for what happened to Jesus after his death using only the minimal facts accepted by the vast majority of scholars.

My Go to Bed Book

Fifty-five years after its original publication in 1956 by Broadman Press, this endearing bedtime classic is now available for iPad! The app includes a feature allowing you to create multiple recordings of the book so Mommy, Daddy, or Grandma can read the book and a child can listen to them over and over again.

Watch & Talk

Watch & Talk is a collection of short, video-based sharable parables for growing your family's faith. Presented by Rebecca St. James and tailored to engage the whole family, you'll find Watch & Talk to be a valuable resource in exploring your faith.

A Parable About the King

This bestselling children’s book by Beth Moore comes to life again for iPad! Originally written and read in her classic Bible study, Breaking Free, this app includes audio and video of Beth Moore reading the story for you. You can also create your own recordings of different readings of the book.

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!